About Us

Genesis & Introduction To The Organization:

Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy is an eminent scientist and reputed educationist of West Bengal, who is a worthy son of the soil and throughout his life devoted to the educational development of rural areas of West Bengal. During his life time Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy has established and supported many educational institutions in the area which are providing value based education to poor and deprived children of Egra Sub-division of Purba Medinipur district. During his life time he has emphasized on promotion of vocational and technical education in the area with an objective to provide employment and livelihood to unemployed youths of the area.

In the year 2006, a group of academicians and social workers of Kasba Egra came together and formed a socio-educational association named as ‘Kasba APC Roy Vocational Training Institute’ to further the mission of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy. The institute is registered in the year 2006 under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI 1961 and since than functioning as a pioneer educational institution that provide vocational and livelihood education to the unemployed youths, women and value based education to the poor children. Besides, it has also taken up a series of relevant social education and social welfare programs for the benefit of farmers, women and backward communities who are otherwise deprived due to societal discrimination.

During the last six years of its stride it has been supported by a number of benevolent persons of the area, Ministry of Youth, NCVT and taken up various research, study and vocational courses for developing the skill of unemployed youth and women. It has generated its own income to manage its program and to develop its own infrastructure to sustain its program. Besides, training and education it has forged positive linkage with NABARD, local banks and district development officials and supported hundreds of trained youths for local enterprise development for self employment. Such enterprises also create a large opportunity for employment of skilled youths and women in the area.


The mission of KASBA APC ROY VTI is "to development the human resource base of the society through technical and vocational education and ensuring sustainable livelihood for the youth and women belonging to socio-economically under privileged section of the society"


  • Vocationalization of education
  • Promotion of livelihood education and life skill education
  • Entrepreneurship development for sustainable development
  • Research and development in education and social sciences
  • Promotion of viable models in social development issues i.e. livelihood promotion, public health, women empowerment and micro-credit


Kasba A.P.C. Roy Vocational Training Institute is located at Egra, which is the sub-divisional headquarter town of Egra Sub-division of Purba Medinipur District. It is within 2-3km reach from most of the populous residential areas of the Egra municipality and offer as a suitable location for the technical education in the town. Egra is one of the most populous town of Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal with more than 70,000 population. The town caters to the commercial and educational need of five blocks such as Egra-1, Egra-II, Potashpur-I, Potashpur-II and Bhagabanpur-I block. There are as many as 232 schools, 14 colleges in the town and more than 85 other educational institutions in these blocks, wherefrom not less than 25,000 students are completing their HS education every year and pursuing higher education. Since Egra town do not have quality technical educational institute they are not able to pursue any job oriented course. In this context, Kasba A.P.C. Roy Vocational Training Institute, the reputed non-government development institution of the area has ventured forward to make sufficient provision for quality technical education for job-oriented courses. It has already started a number of vocational courses and skill development programs and proposes to undertake vocational training in ten technical disciplines covering computer education, engineering, management, health and hygiene, handicraft, food processing etc with an intention to enhancing the accessibility of life skill and livelihood education for the poor and needy children and youth of the area.


Kasba A.P.C. Roy Vocational Training Institute has a well equipped building of 3300 sq. ft and 12 qualified and well trained faculty members and a team of 11 social workers who undertake social development activities and operational research action programs among the target communities. Besides, the institute is associated with a number of scientists and educationists of reputed academic institutions such as IIT, Kharagpur and All India Institute of Health & Hygiene, Kolkata who are associated with its social development and scientific research programs. At present the academic affiliation is available from D.G.E. & T, Govt. of India for 40 students in the said two courses (Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA) -20 and Health Sanitary Inspector Training-20) and there is commitment for increasing the number of seats after one year of successful completion of the program.


KASBA APC ROY VTI emphasizes on a holistic development of the society of course with special attention to the disadvantaged section. The main focus area of organization intervention is:

  • Educational and awareness
  • Social Research and Training
  • Economic and Social Development
  • Health and sanitation program
  • Science and technology
  • Women Empowerment & Development program
  • Caring for the Disadvantaged: Disabled, Old & Destitute
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Promotion of Eco-tourism